How to Write a Blog Post: The Definitive Guide

Today I’m going to show you how to write a blog post that gets:

Hundreds of comments.

Thousands of social shares.

And first page Google rankings.

Let’s dive right in.

How to Write a Blog Post: The Definitive Guide

Chapter 1:Find a (Proven) Topic

Find a proven topic

Your blog post topic is HUGE.

Question is:

How do you find proven topics?

Use one of these 5 simple step-by-step strategies.

Udemy Courses

Udemy is a keyword research GOLDMINE.

Here’s why:

Udemy doesn’t just show you content that people are interested in.

Instead, you see content that people are paying for.

You can search for courses by category…

Udemy categories

…or by keyword.

Udemy search

Either way, you’ll find content that people are PAYING to access.

For example, let’s say you run a blog about graphic design.

Head over to the design category in Udemy….

Udemy design section

…and scroll down to their best-selling courses:

Udemy bestsellers

And within 5 seconds you have a list of proven topics:

  • 3D Modeling
  • Designing and coding WordPress themes
  • After Effects tutorial
  • How to use Adobe Illustrator

Very cool.

Amazon Table of Contents

First, search in Amazon for a keyword that describes your blog.

Amazon "SEO" search

Then, look for a book with lots of ratings.

(This shows you that people actually bought the book)

Amazon book rating

Finally, click “Look Inside” to see the table of contents.

Amazon "Look inside"

And just like with Udemy, you get a list of topics presented to you on a silver platter:

Amazon – Table of contents

Which leads us to…

Ahrefs “Top Pages”

Now it’s time to steal your competitor’s best topics.

First, grab a competitor and pop it into

Ahrefs search

Then, hit “Top Content”.

Ahrefs top content

And you’ll see the exact content that’s worked best for that blog (in terms of social shares and backlinks):

Ahrefs – Content results

BuzzSumo’s “Evergreen Score”

You already know that BuzzSumo is a GREAT tool for finding content ideas.

(In fact, BuzzSumo is one of my favorite content marketing tools)

And they recently added a VERY cool feature that makes this tool even more useful:

“Evergreen Score”.

Here’s how it works:

First, type a keyword into BuzzSumo just like you normally would.

BuzzSumo – Search

By default, BuzzSumo shows you content that has lots of social shares.

BuzzSumo – Total engagement

But here’s the problem:

You can’t tell whether that content went viral for a day and quickly flamed out…

…or if it’s still racking up shares and links years later.

That’s where the Evergreen Score comes into play.

It shows you content that people share and link to MONTHS after it first went live:

BuzzSumo – Evergreen score

That way, you can publish content that brings you traffic for YEARS.

Conference Agendas

This is quickly becoming my FAVORITE ways to find killer topics.

First, head to a conference website in your niche.

Brighton SEO – Home

Go to the agenda page:

Brighton SEO – Menu

And you’ll see topics that people are (again) paying to learn more about:

Brighton SEO – Agenda

Pro Tip: Pop the conference agenda page into the Google Keyword Planner.

Put URL into GKP

Choose “This page only”:

Choose "This page only" in GKP

And you’ll get a list of targeted keyword ideas… straight from Google.

Google Keyword Planner (GKP) Results

Chapter 2:Blog Post Templates

Blog post templates

Now that you have a topic, it’s time to get started on your post.

And I have great news:

You don’t need to start from scratch, suffer from writer’s block, or stare at a blank white screen.

Instead, use one of the awesome blog post templates that I’m about to share with you.

#1: Expanded List Post

What It Is

A regular list post… but better.

List posts are a blogging mainstay. And for good reason: they’re a collection of bite sized tips that people can use to get a specific result. The issue is: traditional list posts usually leave out key details.

(Like how to put each tip into practice)

Regular list posts

But the Expanded List Post is completely different.

With the Expanded List Post, you give LOTS of detail about each item on your list.

Expanded list post

Why It Works

Normal lists posts make people do a ton of extra work.

For example, let’s say the first tip from a list post is: “Eat Eggs at Breakfast”

Well, that leaves out A LOT of important info, like:

  • What time should I eat?
  • How do I cook the eggs (hard boiled vs. scrambled)
  • What about organic and free-range eggs?
  • Can I eat anything with the eggs?

Well, the Expanded List Post answers all of those questions and more.

That way, your reader doesn’t have to fill in the blanks.

Real Life Example

A while back I published: “21 Actionable SEO Techniques That Work GREAT”.

SEO Techniques that work

And this Expanded List Post is one of the most successful pieces of content that I’ve ever published.

To date, my post has 13k social shares:

Social shares: 13448


Comment count: 1118

And backlinks from over 857 domains:

SEO Techniques – Referring Domains in Ahrefs

My secret?

Unlike most list posts, I gave people detailed steps for each and every tip:

Seed keywords – Steps

#2: The Branded Strategy Case Study

What It Is

Your Branded Strategy Post solves a problem that your target audience struggles with.

And when you give this solution a “branded” name? You’re instantly seen as an industry expert.

There’s only one catch:

You need to prove that it works.

Enter: The Branded Strategy Case Study.

The branded strategy case study

Why It Works

Your branded name gives people something tangible to link to.

It also helps establish you as an authority in your niche.

(If you created your own strategy, you MUST be an expert)

Real Life Example

A few years ago I was having a hard time building my email list.

And after trying a bunch of different strategies, I finally found something that worked:

Offering people VERY targeted lead magnets.

Targeted lead magnets

So I decided to write a blog post about my experience.

Boost Conversions post

And I made sure to give my new strategy a name:

The Content Upgrade.

This simple little case study has racked up 3.49k backlinks from 677 domains.

Backlinks to the Increase Conversions post

And most of these links are a direct result of my unique, branded name:

"Content upgrade" branded name

#3: Tools of the Trade

What It Is

A “Tools Of The Trade Post” is a list of tools that you recommend.

To be clear:

These tools DON’T have to be software.

A “tool” can be a morning routine, a foam roller or a B12 supplement.

As long as the tool helps your reader solve a problem, you’re good.

Tools of the trade

Why It Works

Strategies are hard.

Approaches are tricky.

But tools are EASY.

(In fact, the #1 question I get is: “Brian, what SEO tools do you recommend?”).

That said:

Finding the right tool can be REALLY hard.

That’s where your “Tools of the Trade” post comes in.

It’s a hand-picked list of the best tools… all in one place.

Real Life Example

Last year I published a blog post called: How to Learn SEO In Record Time.

Learn SEO 2019

It was a list of “tools” (resources) to help people learn SEO.

Learn SEO – List of tools

It didn’t go viral or anything. But it got over 1.6k shares:

Social shares: 1647

And it currently ranks in the top 5 for my target keyword:

Backlinko in "learn seo" SERPs

#4: The Ultimate Guide

What It Is

A complete resource that covers EVERYTHING.

The Ultimate Guide

Why It Works

Your guide gives someone everything they need to know about a topic… in one place.

So there’s no need for people to read 18 different posts.

Once they find your guide, they have everything they need to know.

It’s also great for getting backlinks.

That’s because bloggers will link to your guide when they write about your topic:

SEO Tribunal link

Real Life Example

The first guide I ever published at Backlinko was: “Link Building for SEO: The Definitive Guide”.

Link Building Guide

(Since then I’ve updated the guide at least 50 times)

Because my guide is SUPER thorough, other SEO and content marketing blogs were happy to link to it:

SEJ – Backlink to Backlinko

And share it on social media:

Sharing the post on Twitter

#5: The Complete List

What It Is

A Complete List is like an ultimate guide in list form.

So instead of a guide, you take every…

  • Tip
  • Item
  • Tool
  • Technique
  • Strategy
  • Example
  • Case study

…And put it in one place.

The complete list

Why It Works

First off, Complete Lists have a legit “WOW” factor.

(A list of 200+ anything is impressive)

Second, you’re curating scattered information on a single page.

Real Life Example

In 2015 I published “SEO Tools: The Complete List”.

SEO Tools: The Complete List

It’s a MASSIVE list of over 190 SEO tools.

(Yup, I personally tried each and every one of them)

But I didn’t just list a bunch of tools and call it a day.

I made sure to highlight my favorite tools:

Brian's favorite tools

And the post has been a traffic MAGNET for me.

In fact, 10,909 people visit that post every single month:

SEO Tools – Monthly visitors

Chapter 3:Create an Awesome Headline

Create an awesome headline

When it comes to writing a blog post, your headline can make or break your entire post.

So it’s important to nail this step.

And in this chapter I’m going to show you how to write amazing blog post headlines.

Start Your Headline With These Phrases

BuzzSumo recently analyzed 100 million headlines.

BuzzSumo headline analysis study

So, what did they find?

That headlines that start with these 20 phrases tend to get the most shares:

Top phrases starting headlines (measured by average Facebook engagement)

For example, this recent post from my blog started off with one of these tested phrases:

"15 best" in post title

12-18 Words

Let’s look at another interesting finding from that BuzzSumo study.

They discovered that the sweet spot for headline length is between 12-18 words.

BuzzSumo chart

(At least when it comes to social shares)

Add Brackets (And Parentheses)

This is one of my favorite headline hacks.


A study by OutBrain found that adding brackets to headlines can improve CTR up to 38%.

Brackets increase click through rate by 38%

And my real world experience backs this up.

6 of my top 10 most popular posts have brackets or parentheses in the title:

Bracket titles in the top 10

In B2B? Use These Proven Headline Phrases

If you’re in B2B (like me), you know that clickbait titles don’t work that well.

Fortunately, the BuzzSumo study I mentioned earlier also analyzed a subset of B2B post titles.

And they discovered that these 20 phrases work GREAT in B2B:

Top B2B headline phrases (measured by average LinkedIn shares)

Optimize for EMV

Every copywriter knows that emotional headlines get LOTS of clicks.

And now there’s data to back this up.

CoSchedule recently published a blog post headline study.

OkDork headlines

Specifically, they analyzed a million headlines for “EMV”.

(EMV=”Emotional Marketing Value”)

And they found a clear correlation between high EMV and social shares.

Average EMV score for headlines based on shares

You can measure your EMV score using this tool from the Advanced Marketing Institute:

Advanced Marketing Institute

Just pop your headline into the tool…

Enter headline text into tool

…and you’ll get your EMV score.

EMV score

I try to get my EMV score to at least 25%.

I even have a few headlines with an EMV score of 70%+.

EMV score of 71%

Chapter 4:Craft a Compelling Intro

Craft a compelling intro

Topic? Check.

Headline? Check.

Now it’s time to grab your reader’s attention.

How? Your blog post introduction.

4-7 Sentences

Let’s face it:

No one likes long blog post introductions, like this:

Post with a long intro

That’s why I limit my intros to 4-7 lines… MAX.

For example, my intro from this post is only 6 lines:

YouTube channel growth intro

In my experience, 4-7 sentences is more than enough to hook people…

…and get them excited for the content they’re about to read.

PPP Formula

The PPP Formula is KILLING it for me right now.

(The “PPP” stands for: Preview, Proof, Preview)

Here’s a visual of the formula:

The PPP formula

Now I’m going to break down each part of the PPP formula…

…and show you real-life examples of the formula in action.

First, you have the Preview.

This couldn’t be any more simple.

Just let your reader know EXACTLY what to expect.

That way, when someone lands on your post, they know they’re in the right place.

Here’s an example:

"Preview" stage, in the SEO Audit post

Next, it’s time for the Proof.

Here’s where you show people that you can deliver.

Specifically, you want to prove that you know your stuff.

You can show proof with:

  • Personal results
  • Years of experience
  • Number of clients
  • Credentials or certifications

Here’s an example:

SEO Audit – Process

Last up, we have the Preview… again.

The first preview was a high-level overview of your post.

The 2nd preview is a little bit different.

This preview is where you get specific about something from your post.

For example, in this intro, I preview the fact that the steps in the post aren’t super technical.

Emphasis of "Non-technical"


I like to end my intros with a transition sentence.

In my experience, this transition helps push people to read the next section.

Here’s an example:

"Let's dive right in" transition

Chapter 5:Write Your Post

Write your post

Now it’s time to show you how to write SUPER engaging content.

Specifically, I’m going to share 6 strategies that can make your blog posts 10x better.

Starting with…

Short Paragraphs

Want people to read your content? AVOID giant walls of text.

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about:

Wall of text

Instead, stick to paragraphs that are 1-2 sentences long.

Like this:

Short paragraphs

Why is this important?

Short paragraphs are easier to read.

(Especially on mobile devices)

Section Subheaders

I LOVE subheaders.

That’s because subheaders break your content up into easy-to-read chunks.

For example, my post “The Complete SEO Checklist” has A LOT of content.

Backlinko – SEO Checklist post

(In fact, that post is 4,328 words)

So I broke up the content into lots of little chunks. And added a list of bullet point links that take you to each section:

Table of contents

In fact, this single post has 9 subheaders.

Active Voice

If I could give people ONE writing tip for writing blog posts it would be:

Use the active voice!


The passive voice is just… lame.

On the flipside, the active voice is crisp and clear.

Use the active voice

15-17px Font

You might have noticed that posts are REALLY easy to read.

Medium readability

How do they do it?

They use 21px font.

If you’re using anything less than 15px, you’re losing lots of readers.

That’s why we use 18px font here at Backlinko.

Backlinko font size

Write Like You Talk

This is the holy grail of great writing.

But it’s not easy.

(Especially if you took English classes in high school)

With that, here’s a tip:

Read your post out loud.

If it sounds weird, scrap that sentence.

This time, explain the same thing out loud.

You’ll probably find that the same sentence sounds A LOT better.

Lots of Visuals





Don’t be afraid to use a ton of visuals in every post.

For example, this post from my blog has 95 visuals:

SEO Audit post screenshots

Chapter 6:Add a Conclusion

Add a conclusion

Let’s cap things off with your conclusion.

And let me be clear about something:

Your conclusion is VERY important.

(Especially if you want lots of people to comment on your post)

Fortunately, I’ve developed a simple, 3-step formula for writing AWESOME conclusions.

It’s called “The TAC Formula”.

Here’s an overview of The TAC Formula:

The TAC formula

And now I’ll cover the detailed steps…

Start your conclusion off with the Transition.

Your transition is just like it sounds:

It transitions people from your blog content to the conclusion section.

Here’s an example:

"Now I'd like to hear from you" at the end of the post

Next, it’s time for the Ask.

Here’s where you ask your reader a VERY specific question.

In other words: don’t ask: “Let me know what you think”.

Instead, throw your reader a softball question that’s easy to answer.

For example:

Ask an easy question

Finally, end with a call to action.

You can ask your readers to comment…

Ask your readers to leave a comment

…or to share your content on social media.

Chapter 7:Optimize for SEO

Optimize for SEO

Next, optimize your post for SEO.

And the best way to do that?

Use the 5 on-page SEO strategies I’m
about to show you.

Short URLs

There’s no doubt about it:

When it comes to SEO, short URLs work best.

URL length – Line graph

There are two reasons that short URLs outperform long URLs.

First off, your URL helps Google understand your page’s topic.

In fact, Google officially recommends short, descriptive URLs.

URL best practices

Second, people use URLs to help them decide what to click on in the search results.

And if your URL is insanely long, people are less likely to click on it:


Speaking of…

Meta Description

Nope, search engines don’t use your meta description for SEO. That said: your meta description is a GREAT way to get more people to click on your result.

Specifically, you want your meta description to:

  • Include your target keyword (Google bolds keywords in the search results)
  • Use verbs, like “learn”, “find” and “buy”
  • Describe your content’s USP
  • Fit within the ~155 character limit

For example, you can see that my meta description from this post is designed to maximize clicks:

"SEO Tools" in post meta description in SERPs

Keyword In Title Tag

This couldn’t be any simpler.

Just include your exact keyword in your title tag.

For example, my target keyword for my post “27 Ways to Increase Website Traffic in 2018” is: “increase website traffic”.

So I included that keyword in my title tag:

"Increase Website Traffic" in title tag of post in SERPs

And WordPress page title:

"27 Ways to Increase Website Traffic in 2019" page title

Keyword In Intro

Make sure to use your keyword once in your blog post intro:

Keyword in intro

Internal Links

Internal linking might be the most underrated SEO strategy on the planet.

That said, internal linking isn’t complicated.

Whenever you publish a new post, add 2-5 links to older posts:

Link to high-priority pages often

You can also go back to older posts and link to your NEW post.

For example, when I published “The Definitive Guide to Keyword Research”, I linked out to related content…

Keyword Research Guide: Linking out to related content

…and added a handful of internal links to the new guide:

Keyword Research checklist

Bonus Chapter:Promote Your Content

Promote your content

When it comes to blogging, promoting your post is even MORE important than the content itself.

In other words:

You can’t just share your post on Twitter and call it a day.

That’s why I recommend promoting your content with these 4 tested strategies.

Facebook Retargeting

Yup, Facebook’s organic reach is at an all-time low.

Facebook's organic reach is at an all-time low

That said:

You can still get in front of your fans… with boosted posts.

(And it doesn’t have to cost a fortune)

In fact, I paid 56 cents per click on this boosted post:

Facebook boosted post

The secret?


Here’s the exact process:

First, add Facebook’s ad pixel to your site.

Next, share your blog post on Facebook.

Share your post on Facebook

This will get you a handful of likes and comments… which pushes more people to engage with your post later on.

Now that you have some social proof, boost your post. And ONLY target people that visited your site in the last 30-60 days.

Facebook audience: ONLY target people that visited your site in the last 30-60 days

That’s all there is to it.

Email Newsletter

This is the ultimate content promotion superhack.

For example, I recently published this post on my blog:

SEO Audit checklist

And to get the word out, I tweeted the post…

SEO Audit tweet

…and sent a newsletter to my email subscribers.

Which do you think got more clicks?

The newsletter.

In fact, the newsletter got 12.7x more clicks than my Tweet.

Number of clicks to blog post

With that, here are 3 things I do to get lots of clicks on every newsletter:

First, I keep the design super-duper simple.

Backlinko simple email design

No logo.

No fancy graphics.

Just plain text and links to the post.

Second, I only link to ONE post per newsletter.

Link in email

Otherwise, your subscribers get “analysis paralysis”. And they don’t click on anything.

Finally, I only email my best stuff.

That way, when someone gets an email from me they say:

“Nice! Brian’s sending me something cool”.

Which has helped keep my open rates above 35%… even though I have over 100k email subscribers:

Email open rate

LinkedIn Organic

If you’re in B2B, you NEED to hop on LinkedIn.

Unlike Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn organic reach right now is GREAT.

For example, here’s one of my recent LinkedIn posts:

Recent LinkedIn post

And that single post got 56,872 views.

LinkedIn post with 56,872 views


To be clear:

Not every LinkedIn post does this well.

For example, this post was kind of a dud:

LinkedIn dud post

But 13k views is still WAY more than I’m getting on most other social networks.

Email Outreach

Outreach is still the best way to get your content in front of influential people.

But you can’t just spam people and expect it to work.

For example, I get generic emails like this all the time:

Generic outreach email

And I instantly delete them.

But when someone takes the time to send me a personalized message, I’ll at least check out their post.

Personalized outreach email

And if the post is a good fit for the Backlinko community, I’ll share it:

Brian email showing his Tweet of the post

Bonus Chapter:Content Transformation

Content transformation

Email newsletters.

YouTube video scripts.

Social media posts.

I used to write them all from scratch.

But over the last year or so, I’ve been trying a new content marketing technique:

Content Transformation.

Let me show you how it works with a real-life example…

Earlier this year I wanted to make a YouTube video about backlinks.

Back in the day, I’d open up a blank Google Doc and start on my outline.

But this time, I used Content Transformation.

And the process was MUCH faster.

Specifically, I wrote my video script based on this guide from my blog:

Backlinks Guide

For example, I took this strategy from the guide…

Link Roundups article

…and reworked it for the video:

Link Roundups reworked for a YouTube video

Even though this video was mostly repurposed from existing content, it got 20k views in its first 30 days:

Backlinks – Video views

And it now has 88,859 total views:

Link Building video views

Not bad.

Now It’s Your Turn

Now it's your turn (How to Write a Blog Post: The Definitive Guide)

I hope this guide showed you how to write a blog post.

Now I’d like to turn it over to you:

What’s the #1 tip from this post that you want to try first?

Are you going to start using brackets in your headlines? Or maybe you’re going to promote your content on LinkedIn.

Or maybe you have a question about something you read.

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

  1. I don’t know how you do it Brian but you’ve pulled it off again. Cracking post and brilliant idea regards Udemy and many other things I had not thought of. Great post as always Brian

  2. “Write Like You Talk”. A great tip here. I’ll definitely try this particular tip in my next blog post to see how it goes. Thanks, Brian for this insightful article. You are a genius.

      1. One technique I use is the “voice typing” function on Google docs. This means I’m literally typing the way l speak because I’m speaking into the microphone. Not only can you punch out content quicker, but it comes across a lot more as if you are actually talking. This has improved my active voice scores on Yoast SEO, transition sentences, Flesch reading score etc etc. And it has increased my traffic also. Best part is that it’s free!

  3. Hi Brian,

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    1. Hey Alex,

      You’re welcome. I’d consider a guide format, like this one. In many ways, it’s a list post in a different package. Each chapter/section is a list of 4-5 tips.

      1. Hey, Brian. I have been your fan since ages, and have followed your advice on how to optimize the content of my site. In fact, I left a few comments on your YouTube videos time by time.

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    Using an active voice is tricky for a lot of people. I find it helps to draft a post and go back to it a few hours later – looking at it with fresh eyes. Then it’s easier to spot where you’re slipping into a passive voice.

    Thank you yet again for your wonderful content!

    1. Thanks Alison. One shortcut that’s helped me with the active voice: the shorter sentence is usually the active voice (in terms of character count).

      For example: If you plan on writing a blog post vs. If you plan to write a blog post.

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    1. Hi Floyd, thank you. Ideally, you’d pick the template that’s the best fit for the topic. It’s more art and science for sure. But it does depend a lot on the topic. For example, a topic like “SEO tips” is perfect for The Expanded List Post.

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    1. Thanks Rajat. I was in the same boat back in the day. I used to be a registered dietitian and now I’m a blogger/SEO pro. Crazy times!

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    1. I’d guess that it’s CTR-related. Google has said several times that they don’t really pay attention to meta descriptions for SEO… but users definitely do. So that’s my guess.

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    1. Hi Anthony, you’re welcome. That’s true: it’s probably not possible to cover everything there is about writing a blog post on a single page. There’s a lot to it. But 90% is pretty darn good!

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    1. Hi JL, nice! Headline analyzers are great. But at the end of the day, I just use them as sort of a rough benchmark. Like you’ve found, they can give killer headlines a really low score.

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    1. EXACTLY. I can’t believe I just started using it. I used to start everything from scratch. This is 10x faster.

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    1. My only advice would be to try to get feedback on your writing from native English speakers. Your English doesn’t have to be perfect to succeed. But that feedback can get your English writing to the level it needs to be.

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    1. Hi Iryna, I actually have checked and our score is low mostly due to the images. They do slow things down. To me, I rather put out amazing stuff even if it makes the page load slowly. But as you said, the page in real life loads fairly fast. That’s mostly because we compress out images quite a bit.

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    1. Hi Jennie, thank you. I appreciate your kind words. Backlinko is an SEO training company (we sell courses about SEO, YouTube and am working on a few more).

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    1. Thanks Tom. If you do anything even remotely B2B-related, LinkedIn is LEGIT. It’s one of the few social networks that’s getting more active users and user engagement.

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    1. Hi Anthony, 1. Backlinko is an SEO training company. 2. It IS a lot of work. But it’s just something I started doing to connect with my readers and just never stopped.

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        1. That makes sense. To be fair, it is hard to convert blog readers into customers right away. That’s where building an email list comes in. It’s the bridge between the two.

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    Unfortunately in my business, however, the content ideas have not been super helpful. As a criminal defense lawyer, my topic is not well covered in Udemy or any of the other paid course or subscription based websites as you suggested. Pretty much all that’s left to do is the competition research and discover what’s working there.

    Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated. And thank you again for an amazing post!

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    Absolutely awesome post, and maybe one of the longest I have read. Point is I read it clear through to the end at this point the 340 comments are solid testament to the value it brings. More insight here than in many a product I have purchased over the years.

  110. Hi Brian, I love your work and im currently reading and re-reading this post and ive realised that my best performing blog pages are pages talking about places to eat and drink in our region (even thought we are an accommodation business). Is this bad?? I feel like people want a guide to our area, but I don’t know if all traffic is good if they are not going to convert or book to stay? We are probably the most expensive place to stay in our area so this may not be qualified people. Would greatly appreciate your opinion… Do I write a definitive locals guide to the best places to eat and drink or is this the wrong content for our site?

    1. Hi Karly, good question there. It’s tough for me to say without digging into your Google Analytics conversion data. But in general: a) a certain % of folks that come to your site via content do convert b) the links that you get to that content can help your commercial pages rank better.

  111. Hello Brian!

    I recently suscribed to your list and this is the first article a read…I can tell you that I loved it!!! Now I want to learn everyhting from you. As I was reading it I just kept thinking I needed to read all the articles you used as examples (that will take time as just this post has a lot of info). I am new learning about SEO and working at a webpage. Do you have any tip or recommendation for starting a blog or writing those first articles? Thanks for sharing this great content.

  112. “Short paragraphs are easier to read.” Couldn’t agree more 😀 I “wow” at the length of the article, and it turns out to be very easy to follow the guide. Thank you for sharing.

  113. “That’s why we use 18px font here at Backlinko.”
    => actually, the developer tools in Chrome tell me that you’re using 16.75 pixels

  114. Thanks for another great post, Brian.

    How would you balance the Expanded List Post type with still going after a list-type Featured Snippet?

  115. Brian
    i love the way you are winning each and every single time brother.
    Thanks for all this hard work man.
    one issue – you locked a few articles for getting the email, and I gave it happily but why I need to unlock the contents again and again?
    bad ux bro.

  116. Brian I swear you have the best posts…I love your PPP Formula!

    Definitely taking note of that so I can add to my writing approach. So simple but powerful!

    Looking forward to more of your content!

  117. Thanks for sharing this Brian. I got so much useful information from this blog especially the PPP formula. I will surely try these strategies to improve my writing skills.

  118. Hi Brian really good stuff as always.
    It may not directly relate to the topic although in regards to the email newsletter it kinda does. Do you have any blog posts or tutorials for businesses sell something? For example: car dealer, vacation package, etc. Basically where people need something, but after they got it they don’t necessarily want to hear from that business frequently or regularly.

    I’d love to get your thoughts on this and if you have anything about this on your site.

  119. Wow what a post! I’m learning so much from you as I create my first ever site. This a random one and really seo – but I was wondering where you get your icons for your posts and where you create your infographs? I’d love to use some in my posts!
    Thanks for a wonderful, informative site Brian!

  120. Wow Brian, this article was really insightful!
    You got me with the Facebook retargeting – organic traffic on FB seems to be non-existent, especially in comparison to twitter.
    I gotta try doing it your way.

  121. Hey Brian, how are you handling font size on mobile? I’m more of a content guy with decent WordPress skills but little to no CSS skills. How different are your desktop font sizes versus mobile font sizes? I’m assuming you can’t go big on mobile because it makes the screen obnoxious. Comparing your mobile site to mine, it looks like the standard paragraph font is about the same size, but your line spacing is maybe double ours.

    Since 70-80% of our traffic is mobile, I’d love to hear your thoughts on font sizing and line spacing specifically for mobile.


  122. Hi Brian
    This is by far the best “how to write a blog post” article I have ever read. Incredible. Thanks for your amazing content as usual.

    I have an issue and I think you can really help me.
    I am about to create my own blog on WordPress but I also want to write at least 5 – 10 articles before I remove the “coming soon” mode. I am just afraid that it might affect my SEO.

    So my question is: Can I still write some posts under the coming soon mode or should I do it later instead?

    Thanks again for everything, Brian.

    1. Thank you. I’d publish them right away and remove the coming soon mode. That way, Google can index your content. And if you don’t promote your WIP blog, no one is going to see the fact that you have 3 posts.

  123. This is a great post I ever read Brain!

    I usually look for the experimental materials from Moz and news updates from SEJ.

    But when it comes to learning SEO, my keyboard automatically types in “Keyword + backlinko”.

    Thanks for this wonderful guide Brain!

  124. Hi Brian, I found this post through Shannon Mattern who says you’re the expert and wow, you are 😀 I’m going to read through it again and try to apply some of what you’ve recommended to my blogs. I must tell you, I’m a visual artist who imports and sells a pro paint line from the Netherlands and so much of what i do it train and guide painters (both DIY and professional) on how to use the products. So I’m going to follow what you’ve shown here, even though I hate writing 😆, I actually think it will become easier with what you’ve shown how to do, thank you!

  125. I love how you give practical tips inside your blogs/guides & use them yourself for that specific blog. Like that branded strategy case study (the skyscraper technique is a great example). Or your TAC in the conclusion, which is also present here.
    Do you think you have any benefit from the comments (like this one) as well (eg. content freshness)?

    1. Thank you, Jan. I think comments have more of an indirect impact on rankings. But it might help UX signals because people read and contribute to the discussion.

  126. This is a great overview, Brian! I especially liked the mention of the active vs passive voice – it’s something I’ve only recently started to pay attention to. And the internal linking point has always been a hard one to follow. Do you know of a specific tool that can help with that?

    1. Hi Vassilena, thank you. I actually still do internal linking by hand. There are tools (including lots of WordPress plugins) out there but I haven’t tried them.

  127. Thanks for the great contribution. Especially for the fact that it is so beautifully structured. So I get along well as a blind person. 🙂

  128. Brilliant post, as always. Thank you.

    I have a question about blogs on e-commerce sites. I wasn’t sure whether it belonged here or on your SEO for e-commerce post, which was mostly focused on product and collection pages.

    Say I have 5 internal links to related posts to give Google the sense that this is a piece of cornerstone content, can I still also include links to products in addition to that number? Won’t that dilute the strength of the signal that google gets?

    For example, imagine I write a post on how children learn through play and I link to relevant content that illustrates this concept. What will be the effect of also linking to 5 toys that promote this kind of learning but don’t have the relevant keywords in the title, URL or link. Won’t Google be confused?

    Thank you!

    1. You’re welcome, Alexis. You can and should link to your products there. As long as you only add a few and link to relevant products, you’re good to go.

  129. Hi Brian,

    Just a massive thanks for creating such awesome content. I am sure that the vast majority of the info you give away for free is what people are charging thousands of dollars for. I’ve learnt so much from your posts and videos recently, so thanks and keep up the AMAZING work!

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