Content Marketing Fundamentals


The first step of any content marketing campaign is to create a content strategy plan.

That’s exactly what this section is all about.

In this section you’ll learn the key fundamentals of content marketing, like the most popular types of content out there, how to create content for your audience, and how to find topic ideas that resonate with potential customers.

This page is a library of resources to help you learn the fundamentals of content marketing.

What Is Content Marketing?

A complete beginner’s guide to content marketing. We answer the question “what is content marketing?” and show you how to get started.

Content Strategy

This is a complete guide to developing a content strategy. Topics covered include: topic research, content promotion and reporting.

Types of Content Marketing

Learn about the different types of content marketing, including blogging, video, podcasts, infographics and more.

How to Find New Content Topic Ideas

15 easy ways to find LOTS of new content topic ideas, including tools and strategies.